Where the Rivers Part

Studying Life and Decay

Where the River Parts: A Thesis Film

In my last year of school at the Maryland Institute College of Art, I had to produce a thesis film that proved that I had at least learned the basic tenants of animation.

As many people will remember from their own experiences, this is a daunting undertaking and a seemingly endless slog to create something that inevitable will fall short of your expectations.

Determined to keep the scope of my project limited to what I felt I could reasonably accomplish within a few months, I focused on choosing a project that would more apptly reflect the range of my experiences at school, which had included environmental design, architectural design, procedural design, various software assisted parametric designs, and most importantly well thought out concepts and themes.

Below is a collection of conceptual development preproduction art, story boards, tests and the final piece that resulted from my art studies at MICA.

Early concept drawings

The early storyboards. It was heavily cut down from being told in flashback form, and reversing the mother and the daughter's roles in the film.

The final piece. Music also by me!