Guerilla Scanning

Capturing the world with Scanning

Alhambra Ceiling

Sometimes when I'm out in the world with just my camera, I like to capture more than a picture to tell an interesting story. Though it can be a little bit of a spectacle, in some places it's too hard to resist taking enough photos to make a photogrammetry model. Such was the case when I was on a teaching a class in Spain and detoured south to visit the Alhambra castle. The interior is decorated beautifully but it's also structurally complex. When I saw this ceiling, I realized that I could use photogrammetry to take a closer look, and was amazed with the results. I used the models to generate drawings to better understand this architectural feat.

Buda Castle Fountain

I was lucky (and a little unlucky) to visit Budapest in the freezing January weather that warranted very few tourists. Often I found myself alone with beautiful, historic monuments that were amazing scanning opportunities. With no one around, I could use the 4k video capture on my phone to create high fidelity models, such as this one.

Chernobyl Ruins

I had hoped to capture more on my trip to the exlcusion zone, but to keep up with the pace of the tour, I didn't have too much downtime to scan. I was still able to capture a fairly iconic broken down car, still well outside of Pripyat.

Statues Outside of Irish Law Society

Arriving in Ireland during quarantine was a bit lonely but I used the opportunity to get out and do a bit of scanning for fun.

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